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 Post subject: Post Kanpeki campaign
PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:25 pm 
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hey i am planning on running a emperor kanpeki game with a few mates in my uni and i am trying to work out some of the kinks in the world aswell as get some advice from some of the more knowledgeable lore people about whether the setting is faithful to the lore as a whole.

main idea I had for the idea is that it is an empire in which people can advance from other clans and isn't just a dictatorship based around kanpeki saying he is emperor but has been signed in by seiken instead of watching his empire rot from the taint. mainly it is a shureido world and not a world of darkness or a world of light but the grey goodness that sits between

Amatarasu's seals have been broken, pits of jingoku have opened all over the empire and the war has raged for 2 decades. this bloody and horrifying war has seen many casualties but it is over ... and kanpeki sits on the emerald empires throne the victor. the bureaucracy the empire once stood on has broken, its teachings of Bushido and tradition have failed the empire, a new empire rises from the ashes of this empire. Kanpeki's obsidian empire has begun.

The world of Rokugan has changed dramatically, the imperial families have been deposed as has the emerald and jade orders. the imperial families have been broken down and replaced with the 3 ruling families of the spider. The Daigotsu now form the sword of the empire, replacing the seppun, The susumu now form the words of the emperor, replacing the ottomo and the gyushi have formed the messengers of the empire replacing the miya. many of those who could not handle the transition among the old imperial families have committed seppuku, although enough have joined with the new ruling families to preserve their techniques. Many of the jewelled orders have remained intact but the emerald and jade orders have been deposed, replaced with the obsidian magistrates.

Under kanpeki's rule and with his knowledge amassed of the taint he has close many of the pits the severed their connection to the realm. he has lifted much of the taint from the land into his vassals and has brought much of the world back into normality. He has not punished those who stood against him the the war, saying those lost in the wars on both sides were losses enough that further damage would be un-needed. he has allowed the clans to function as they did under iweko's rule although he has reserved the highest positions around him and those within his new order with those closest to him during the war but has left many positions contestable for those who are ambitious enough to play kanpeki's game.

but alas all is not well in the empire, there are signs on the horizon of a large famine about to hit the empire, war in the colonies with the yodatai continues to grow and more painful that that, kanpeki is coming to the end of his life, his son soon to take the throne talk of a rebellion is stirring and those who lament his rule are working in the shadows to make sure this rebellion comes to fruition.


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