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Nostalgia Arc Decks
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Author:  Daigotsu Hoturi [ Wed May 03, 2017 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Nostalgia Arc Decks

Hey all,

I am looking to make some decks from each arc, using the best themes. Currently working on a Samurai arc deck, based on Maho and undead. Anyone remember anything that was good, the engine of a deck around this time frame, care to comment? Currently running a line up of pure shugenja. I could post a list if I get some bites.


Author:  Sparks [ Thu May 04, 2017 10:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nostalgia Arc Decks

Samurai Edition was a weird arc for spider. It didn't seem like Spider had any coherent theme to speak of.

I do remember a sort of breeder type deck that I made with Jinsei and Fatina with Soul Jar to attach to fatina and choose to straighten fatina every turn to trigger her ability. It was quite a nice little combo. Also combined with Spider's most powerful stronghold, Black Silk Castle, it was a pretty strong competitor in the environment. Load up with as much PK as possible to set up the stronghold and GO!!

Author:  Daigotsu Hoturi [ Thu May 04, 2017 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nostalgia Arc Decks

That's hilarious! I'll post a deck list soon

Author:  Chuda Riichi [ Fri May 05, 2017 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nostalgia Arc Decks

Breeder was what I played in Samurai as well.

Wrath of the People - Lovely human zombies!

Chuda Mishime Exp
Chuda Jinsei
Chuda Rintaro
Chuda Seikai
Daigotsu Churo
Daigotsu Zenshi
Master Saleh

Call Forth the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
The Tale of Tsukuro - No, go that way!
Assassin's Strike - Not reliable
Hired Killer
Doomed Undertaking
Flanked by nightmares
The saga of taki
Banish all Shadows

Might of the Shadowlands
Touch of Death
Walking the Way

Splash with Rings and holdings

Author:  kempy [ Tue May 09, 2017 3:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nostalgia Arc Decks

Two good decks from the Samurai era:

1 Black Silk Castle

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (1)
1 A New Wall

# Holdings (17)
3 Shinomen Marsh
3 Secluded Village
3 Secluded Waystation
3 Venerable Master
1 Demented Craftsman
1 Private Trader
2 Traveling Peddler
1 Shrine to Fukurokujin

# Personalities (22)
3 Tetsuo
3 Daigotsu Junichi
3 Daigotsu Meguro
3 Daigotsu Kaikou
3 Daigotsu Gyoken
1 Yoritomo Hotako - exp
3 Umi-Bozu
3 Fatina

# Fate (40)

# Actions (37)
3 Stay Your Blade
3 Knowledge
3 Ordered Retreat
3 Doomed Intentions
3 Surprising Resistance
3 Draw Your Blade
3 Flanked by Nightmares
3 Flanking Action
3 Refugees
1 The Tale of Tsukuro
3 Hired Killer
3 Ambush
3 Eager to Fight

# Items (3)
3 Chuda Hankyu


1 The Spider's Lair

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (1)
1 Wrath of the People

# Holdings (17)
2 Private Trader
3 Remote Farms
3 Seiden Sanzo
3 Secluded Waystation
3 Shinomen Marsh
3 Small Estate

# Personalities (22)
3 Chuda Jinsei
3 Chuda Hiroe
1 Chuda Mishime - exp
3 Daigotsu Gyoken
3 Daigotsu Junichi
3 Daigotsu Meguro
2 Daigotsu Takayasu
3 Fatina
1 Muketsu - exp

# Fate (40)

# Actions (24)
3 Call Forth the Dead
3 Defining the Essence
3 Hateful Curse
3 Hired Killer
3 Power Corrupting
3 Private Whispers
3 The Call of Battle
3 Wedge

# Followers (3)
3 Imperial Couriers

# Spells (10)
2 Might of the Shadowlands
3 Paper to Steel
2 Puppet Master
3 Transcendence of Flesh

# Rings (3)
1 Ring of Air
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of Water

Author:  Daigotsu Hoturi [ Fri May 12, 2017 10:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nostalgia Arc Decks

Thanks a ton for the decklists! Kempy, I remember that first deck, I had attempted to make something similar years ago but then my circle of friends quit playing.

Author:  kempy [ Fri May 19, 2017 11:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nostalgia Arc Decks

Daigotsu Hoturi wrote:
Thanks a ton for the decklists! Kempy, I remember that first deck, I had attempted to make something similar years ago but then my circle of friends quit playing.

Np. As a person who started seriously in dawn of the Lotus i'm looking for cool Shadowlands decks from earlier sets. If you get any someday don't hestitate to share! Anyway i can help with T1 Spider decks from Samurai till the end as Shadowlands/Spider was kind of second clan for me and one my most active local ops was hardcore Spider player as well.

Author:  Daigotsu Hoturi [ Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nostalgia Arc Decks

I started after Honor Bound was released. I've got a few decks still kicking from that era. Undead, Bloodspeaker, speed, and Goblin.

This is my favorite deck from back in the day. Designed to be fast moving. Now this was compiled from memory, and I don't remember everything that I had in it, but the staples are there. In battle try to shut off actions using deadly, crushing, or night. Actual combat is kind of weak. Like I said, put together from memory and haven't played it in years so tweeking was not a priority.

Yogo Junzo's Army
Yori/Nio/Kaede Sensei (Can really be tailored to opponent with nay sensei)

Desperate Measures
Kisada's Funeral (Any Anti-Honor would work)
Kolat Duplicate
Severed From the Emperor
There is No Hope

Black Market x3
Corrupted Geisha House x3
Corrupted Iron Mine x3
Corrupted Silver Mine x3
Festering Pit of Fu Leng
Writing of Kuni Yori

Kuni Wastelands
Plains of Otosan Uchi

Hida Amoro Exp
Hida Yakamo Exp
Kyoso No Oni x3 (Used to slot Ogre Outlaw, 647, but the part when he dies screwed me too many times)
Moto Tsume x3 (Favorite character ever)
Moto Tsume Exp
Moto Tsume Exp 2
Oni no Akuma
Oni no Ogon
Oni no Ugulu x3
Uragirimono x3

A Test of Courage x3
Avoid Fate x3
Crushing Attack x3
Dark Lord's Favor x3
Deadly Ground x3
Evil Portents x3
Feign Death x2 (Could be Darkness Feeds)
Night Battle x3
Sneak Attack x3
Superior Tactics x3 (Could be Diversionary due to low chi)
Wedge x3
Ring of the Void
Goblin Chuckers x3 (Ranged 2)

Cards I slotted but should be dropped for battle actions:
Rallying Cry x2
Kolat Assassin x2 (Very costly given the gold structure)

Need to look up some actions to replace these with, any suggestions would be appreciated!

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