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 Post subject: Sparks' Kotei Winning Ninjas!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:43 pm 
You don't expect anything, then...BOOM! NINJAS!
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That's right! I finally won a fckn Kotei! lol

I tweaked this thing a LOT and got it to work vs the entire field extremely well. It is a very powerful deck!

The Hidden Bastion of the Spider
Yajinden Sensei

Military Alliance
The New Order
2 Into the Wastes

2 Shinomen Marsh
2 Forgotten Legacy
2 Shrine to Hachiman
Poorly Placed Garden
Counting House
3 Nexus of Lies
3 House of No Tomorrow
2 Coastal Lane
3 Shinsei's Last Hope - exp

Daigotsu Kanpeki, Unleashed - exp4
Goju Yurishi - exp2
3 Tairao
3 Goju Kenteiru
3 Goju Kumoru
3 Daigotsu Teruo
3 Goju Toriken
3 Ninube Shiho

3 The Unquiet Moto
2 Weathered Armor
3 Demolisher
3 Legion of the Khan
3 Master Bowman's Yumi
3 Lacquered Armor
2 Mounted Support
1 Raiden O-Tsuchi

2 Strike as the Earth
2 Wounded in Battle
3 Accessible Terrain
2 Victory Through Deference
2 Lookout Post
3 Evasion
2 Show of Power
2 Betrayed from Within
3 Sneak Attack

Toriken is fkcn pure gold and any deck not running 3 of should not be taken seriously. That guy is a beast! MVP of the deck by far.

So a little kotei report to go with the deck:

Round 1:

Dragon Oni Sensei
I never seen this deck before, but I go first. So I blitzed with buying Kenteiru turn 2. Attached a Legion of the Khan and Laquered armor and took one with nobody out on his side. Turn three, I attached mounted support and took another unopposed cuz of cav. He was too far behind at this point to try and take any of mine plus Shiho was staring at him. Easy win.

Round 2:

Crane honor control
He ended up needing 54 honor to win and couldn't hold out nearly long enough.

Round 3:

Phoenix honor rocket
Dane is a cool guy and he gets a great start and I saw none of my honor meta this game. He got the win... this time!

Round 4:

Spider aranai dueling
Alex is a friend of mine and he starts his game super strong. Taking out two of my provinces rather quickly while removing my guys abilities with duels and 2 early come one at a times. I managed to recover by buying Kanpeki and loading him up. He had no answers for him and I was able to come back from a huge deficit.

Top 4:

Crab Military blitz
Round 1 - Wow I got a bad gold start... Turn two, I concede the game and go to game 2
Round 2 - Gold is good. He comes out quick tho. Takes a province from me on his turn 3. I take one in turn tho. Then I get out a couple Tairao and a Kumoru and proceed to show him why 2 chi is bad. Got him down to nobody on the board and take all his provinces.
Round 3 - Almost the same as round 2 except I got both Betrayed in opening hand so killing his guys was no problem.


Phoenix honor rocket
We meet again, Dane (who is undefeated)
Round 1 - I have never seen anyone get as good of a start as he did this game. It was amazing!!! So he won pretty easily.
Round 2 - We both get good starts, but I got out early cav ninja and took a couple province quickly. And a couple House of no Tomorrows on the board. Managed to pick off a few defenders before swinging in for the last attack and was able to stay at the battle until the end. Close one since he had crossed.
Round 3 - Everyone thought the game was over before it began in this game as I was forced to Legacy search turn one AND turn two. That's right... Gold screwed BIG TIME! lol. Anyway. Turn one, I search, Turn two, I buy Kenteiru and search. Turn three, I attach Moto and mounted support and take one. Pitch everything to dig for The New order. Turn 4, I attach something else and by a house of no tomorrow. Pitching everything else. Turn 5, I attach more things and buy another House of no Tomorrow. Turn 6, I attach Weathered Armor and swing for his last province. He had nothing but send home in hand and I had a lot of kill on my attachments at this point so I easily beat his army total and province strength to take the final province. All with one little Kenteiru! hehe

So yeah... I finally won a kotei! I chose to corrupt whatever Kumi it was that was on the list.

Enjoy the deck! :D



 Post subject: Re: Sparks' Kotei Winning Ninjas!
PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:28 am 
Obsidian Magistrate
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Sparks wins a Kotei with (what I think) his favorite deck type. Ah I can finally rest in peace.

Congrats dude!!!


 Post subject: Re: Sparks' Kotei Winning Ninjas!
PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:12 am 
Abbot of Shinden Fu Leng
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 Post subject: Re: Sparks' Kotei Winning Ninjas!
PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 5:11 pm 
Gravity Dragon's Vanguard: The Shadow Soul Crusher
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Congrats Bud!

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