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 Post subject: Goju Sensei Deck
PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:49 am 
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Since the announcement that the game is being sold to FFG, I've noticed a significant lack of serious "Deck Development" posts in the past month or so. More specifically, I am shocked not to see a single deck exploration of the Goju sensei. So I created this thread to bring some of the light to this sensei and also to ask for the assistance of those that are still posting on this forum to help me refine it. This will be a reader and I will go rather in-depth to most choices I made building this deck.

Start in Play:
1 The Hidden Bastion Of The Spider
1 Goju Sensei


Events: (3)
1 Coronation Festival - This is one that I'm still playing with, haven't seen it in any of my playtests vs. combat yet though. That alone might be enough to drop it.
1 Enlistment - Easy auto-include for most decks running 10+ ish followers
1 The New Order - It's too hard not to play this with how strong Phoenix Blitz honor is and the synergies with the Spider Box

Holdings: (16)
3 Famous Bazaar
1 Forgotten Legacy
3 Shinomen Marsh
3 Slave Pits
3 Spirit's Essence Dojo - A little awkward in the gold scheme, but the flipping power in the late game - in conjunction with Coronation Festival and the Spider Box - is pretty strong. Might have to drop if it creates too many opening problems though
3 Temple Of Destiny - Simply too good not to run, and also helps to smooth out awkward Spirit's Essence Dojo starts

Personalities: (21) Note: This is a mid-range deck, and is not designed to match the rush down of a Shika deck, but instead use it's tricks to make it past Shika's explosive start and, at worst, be down a province (This could even be ideal with Coronation Festival, gaining us 2 ghost provinces). In play testing, going for a third turn attack is very easy into honor, and very difficult into combat, as expected going second most of the time.

3 Goju Iaitsu
3 Goju Kenteiru
3 Goju Kumoru - Part of the centerpoint of this deck, while on the expensive side, it's not so much that the deck cannot rush down an honor deck. Works in tandem with Tairao, Questionable Vassals, and Wounded in Battle to eliminate low to mid-chi bodies
1 Daigotsu Teruo
1 Voitagi - Replaced Mitsuru, as I never wanted to buy him every time he popped up, and would like to see Voitagi more at any point in time
1 Goju Saido - 1 off for mid-late game melee 5. Helps in the control aspect, similar to Betrayed from Within.
3 Goju Toriken - Great personality all around, Conqueror is great, ability is gas.
3 Ninube Shiho
3 Tairao - The other half of the control combo that, once rolling, is very, very difficult to combat. Having multiple Tairao abilities on a target then forcing them to battle multiple times will kill just about anything. Totally worth the +1 gold cost from the sensei


Attachments: (12)
3 Goblin Chuckers - cheap force that makes a measly ranged attack to combine and be buffed by Unholy Strike; a staple for Shika, I see no reason not to use it.
3 Questionable Vassal - Cheap force with a ranged 3 no bow. The gold cost to the action is very easily managed and overall makes this card a monster for any deck looking into ranged attacks; also works in conjunction with Kumoru
3 Aranai's Armor - This deck originally started this as a 3 of, as well as Ensorcelled Longsword, which got dropped for Utaku's Destiny, which then got dropped altogether. 4 gold for two force is just too hard to pay for in bulk. Attachments that replace themselves are amazing however, and this meets just enough anti-dishonor meta to earn it's spot. Also helps protect Kumoru from mean ranged attacking followers and personalities during the ambush. Plus, no other follower I found really filled this spot.
3 Enslaved Djinn - As stated before, attachments that replace themselves are amazing, and Enslaved Djinn can grab themselves from discard, as well as guarantee another attachment from the deck.

Strategies: (28)
2 Accessible Terrain - Honor meta, Ideological differences
1 Contentious Terrain - Wanted access to an unopposed force bonus of some sort and didn't want to see more than 1 accessible in hand at a time; could be anything
1 Betrayed From Within - 10 gold to kill a dude is great. 3 chi or lower is very guaranteed in every game
2 Brazen Disregard - Honor meta, generic combat send-home meta
2 Knife In The Darkness - Great action all around, sends home your bowed ninja, your ninja recruits from NTE (see below), and hits anything regardless of force AND bows, plus cannot be negated. It takes a send home and straighten, which is uncommon to come package in a deck because of The Thrill of Daring
3 Ninja Training Exercise - Started as a 1 of, then 2 of, then a 3 of as I realized there was NEVER a time I didn't want to see this card. Great opposed force boost, synergies with Knife in the Darkness
2 Ruby Ascendance - Interchangeable with Breaking the Rhythm, come with courage tech and anti-Agasha Beiru options
2 Spirited Dispute - All around great meta card.
1 The Thrill Of Daring - Very well could become a two of, but only 1 seems necessary vs. honor with the advent of honor rocket relying less and less on send-homes; discipline actions like this are awesome
2 Unguarded Attack - Beats followers, beats items, beats spells, gets boosted by unholy strike to beat people too.
3 Unholy Strike
3 Victory Through Deference - Staple to competitive decks since it's arrival back in TNO, beats disc., strips abilities, keywords, and helps the deck function by removing abilities; actually could be a two of, as the ability hit just isn't necessary sometimes
2 The Turtle's Shell - beats ranged, saves Kumoru during ambush step
2 Wounded In Battle - Part of Kumoru control combo

Rings: (0)
I feel this is important to mention, as the first build of the deck carried the Ring of the Void, but got dropped, as discarding a hand of destined attachments seemed a waste. May make it back in with less destined being carried now. No Ring of Earth because it's inconsistent getting out, and the only advantage over Brazen Disregard is that it negates the favor send home.

I understand that was quite a reader, and I am grateful to anybody who just got this far. I will keep this brief. The general purpose of the deck is to stall combat until mid-game, and then crush it through picking bodies off left and right, not to commit early, as a deck suited to that will beat this one nine times out of ten. Still capable of a turn 3 attack against honor, and can even split for 2 as early as turn 4. If the New Order flips, you have about a 5-6 turn game, which is usually quite winnable. Almost guaranteed to be able to split for 2 by turn 5.

Any feed back or tips at all, concerns, questions, or whatever is appreciated

Thank you

Edit 1: Fixed minor mistakes
Edit 2: Added Edits section, changed my reasoning over not running RoE in light of Kakita_Shiro's comment
Edit 3: Changed Toriken to 3 of and bumped Mitsuru off altogether, replacing him with Voitagi, Teruo, and the third Toriken
Edit 4: Ninja edit to undo some not very well thought-through changes

Well... I don't really know what to say.


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 Post subject: Re: Goju Sensei Deck
PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 1:51 pm 
Crane Envoy to The Spider
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Ring of Earth can't negate Cavalry Maneuvers.




 Post subject: Re: Goju Sensei Deck
PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:14 pm 
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kakita_shiro wrote:
Ring of Earth can't negate Cavalry Maneuvers.

I forgot about that, that's a fair point. It goes even further to why I didn't opt to run it though.

Well... I don't really know what to say.



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