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 Post subject: The Oni STAYS Deck
PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:35 am 
Evil Bastard TM

Joined: Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:15 pm
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Oh how this is hilarious.

Ideal start: Have The Desiccated in your opening hand. Buy 3+ gold first turn (Offturn gold plus The Blessing is good). Second Turn, buy as much off-turn gold as possible. Hopefully on your third turn you have 10+ gold and atleast 2 off-turn gold, buy two 5g Shugenja, more gold if possible and use a Mark of Heaven's Blessing.

On your opponent's turn, if you can muster 11g then buy your Ritual of Naming and a big Oni. (three off turn gold producers, 2 gold bump effects and one Amethyst Adjunct on a 3g holding is 11g. Gets you anything buy the Crimson Mountain)

Keep buying gold, rebuy your sacrificed phoenix shugenja and summon Oni on your opponent's turn. Really, you just need 1 province to keep producing big force. Use your fate cards to keep them in battle. Use the Sensei to keep your Oni Straightened with Conqueror after taking a province unopposed.

Phoenix Stronghold
Ikakashi Sensei

Events: 4
1x Severed From the Emperor
3x The Blessing (for the off-turn gold)

Holdings: 17
2x Forgotten Legacy
3x Ashigaru Farmland (Off-turn gold)
3x Temple of the Heavenly Crab (Off-turn gold)
3x The Feeding Hills
3x Suana Dojo
3x Silver Mine

Personalities: 19 (8 Phoenix Shugenja, 11 Oni)
3x Agasha Dorai (5g)
2x Asako Nashimoto (8g)
3x Isawa Orinoko (5g)

3x The Crimson Mountain Oni (14g)
3x Umikaiju (5g, naval, fear)
1x Akuma no Obake (7g, attachment destruction)
1x Fushiki no Oni (8g, fortification destruction)
3x Minikui no Oni (7g, 6f, fear)


Spell: 8
3x Ritual of Naming
3x Mark of Heaven's Favor (For off-turn gold)
2x Walking the Way

Followers: 6
3x Tsukai-Sugasa (Open Shugenja Straighten!)
3x The Desiccated (Recursion)

Items: 3
3x Polvora Cache (have off-turn gold, why not ruin a day?)

Rings: 1
1x Ring of Earth

Strategies: 22
3x Spinning the Web (More Sensei)
3x Feign Death (Death Negation)
2x Battlefield Defemation (Disc Movement)
2x Brazen Disregard (Disc Move Negation)
3x Dirty Tricks (Straighten & Action)
2x Unexpected Valor (Disc Straighten)
2x Thrill of the Daring (Disc Movement)
2x Accessible Terrain
3x Amethyst Adjunct (Off turn gold)


 Post subject: Re: The Oni STAYS Deck
PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:29 am 
Sexy Beast
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Joined: Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:00 pm
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What is the benefit of running this out of a PHX SH, aside from you'd be able to cycle a shugenja given that your shugenja does not bring anything extra to the table?

If your concept is off-turn gold, why not include the ivory courtroom and dojo of the dauntless?

Ritual of Naming is nice in getting those onis into play when you least expect it. Unfortunately, you'd still have to buy them at full cost. Sure, your 7g Oni could be relatively easy with your off turn gold concept (you have 3 dynasty and 3 fate which gives you a free koku, plus a card that unbows a holding). I'm just not sure if you'd be able to bring the Crimson Mountain Oni out consistently.

Also, you have no force reduction meta. Startling kiai would definitely ruin your day.

Also do take note that Feign Death has been Nerf'd a little bit as you can no longer save your dude from dying during resolution. To address this and your force redux meta, sanctioned declaration is a good fit.

You have very few cards to protect your oni (e.g. goblin chuckers ra2, unquiet moto ra3, skeletal troops fear 3, oni familiar fear 2 that destroys followers).

You have very few cards to compliment your oni's killing capabilities (e.g. Okura is Released, Unholy Strike).

A true warrior enters the arena with all of his powers at the ready.


 Post subject: Re: The Oni STAYS Deck
PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 1:09 am 
Harvester of Sorrow

Joined: Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:12 am
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Sometimes running consistent decks that always buy good stuff and have a hand full of protection is stronger than shenanigans. I think oni out of mantis ( gold) spider (shiho, flipps) or dragon ( air or earth) will be stronger but ymmv


 Post subject: Re: The Oni STAYS Deck
PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:43 am 
Evil Bastard TM

Joined: Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:15 pm
Posts: 131
The deck is a rough draft of just getting Oni out as a machine, quickly and consistently regardless of provinces. The meta itself (most all of the strategies) are changeable and don't matter much to how the deck runs. The Phoenix stronghold is solely for the personality recursion to summon Oni (which can be dead ones). When going second (which is most of the time) you are only paying 3g for your first cheap shugenja each turn. So your summoning really only costs you 3 extra gold. I think the idea has merit and can only be done out of the Phoenix stronghold with any sort of consistency. Ritual of Naming isn't as good out of any other stronghold since you can't recur the personalities.

Feign death is more of a tricky card in this deck, allowing you to double summon (2 shugenja, 1 Ritual of Naming, 1 Tsukai-Sugasa, 1 feign death, plenty of off-turn gold). If you get half of your off-turn gold and permanent gold bumps 5-6 turns into the game, thats 9g off-turn. Keeping 2 holdings still straightened would then mean another 4-6g. Enough for two Oni to drop on the opponent's turn.

Eventually I'll get some time to play this on-line to tweak it. Seems like an interesting concept at the very least.


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