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 Post subject: Re: 20F Susumu Honor
PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:59 am 
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Oni no El wrote:
So here's this one crazy Susumu deck that didn't rely heavily on clout tokens, but focused rather on Takuan's trait.

The combo is to have any dude (preferably an expendable) perform Wheels within Wheels/An Act of Disdain while having caravan guards attached while 3 Takuan is out.

This deck needs more testing, but if you pull it off...

The Hidden Bastion of the Spider
Kuroko Sensei
2 Forgotten Legacy
2 Otomo Bureaucrat
3 Shinomen Marsh
3 Jiramu's Court
3 Rhetorician
3 Suana Dojo
3 Susumu Yanada
3 Susumu Kengo
3 Susumu Tanjin
3 Daigotsu Meguro
3 Susumu Takuan
3 Daigotsu Teruo
2 Coronation Festival
1 The Hooded Ronin, Descendant of Shinsei - expCW
3 The Blessing
3 Wheels within Wheels
2 Sudden Storm
3 Accepting the Choice
2 Alliance Threatened
2 A Good Death
2 Spirited Dispute
3 Caravan Guards
3 Taken Hostage
3 Desperate Sacrifice
3 An Honored Guest
3 Gempukku
3 An Act of Disdain
Ring of Fire
Ring of Earth
3 Favors
3 Visions of Darkness

As you play 3x Accepting the Choice i should play Ring of Void to have a chance to grab it during enemy's 1st turn.

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 Post subject: Re: 20F Susumu Honor
PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:30 am 
Daigotsu's Legion

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With 3 Visions of Darkness, which seems necessary to get the Takuan, I will add more shugenja (Tairao for defense, Kageto to keep a 2ph guy,...Or an unaligned as you are alrealdy playing An Honored Guest)


 Post subject: Re: 20F Susumu Honor
PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:45 pm 
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Any changes with Evil Portents? I didn't change my dynasty which is very similar, but for fate I went a different route. I reverted back to the "if you attack me you will lose something" defense of the former, pre-unaligned courtier days. I found that I could successfully hold off an attack with your set up but the following turn they would smash through due to a low hand.

I am really liking Secretive Defense, an extra 3 ps is always nice and no reserve personalities. Retracing Steps became my new force jab, plus it has the added bonus of Honor. I slotted two fear effects: Word from the Imperial Court and Ending the Chase. Word is a nice little political action that can be improved with New Factors and Show of Power spares, with the added bonus of giving honor and having the Honor trait. Ending operates similarly. I slotted Susumu Issei (first time ever) to help with recursion for Word and the others I but mainly that one. The only drawback is our personalities low chi.


 Post subject: Re: 20F Susumu Honor
PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:19 pm 
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Thought I'd reply to the cards you suggested from Evil Portents since on one else has. I'm still very much an honor gain noob so take my thoughts with a pinch of salt. Also, the Fate Deck is my weakest when it comes to deck construction, I struggle to identify what are good cards and what are bad cards. Lack of experience and a lack of a super competitive mindset to blame there.

Secretive Defense: The extra 3 PS is nice early on, but I struggle to chose this over Oppression. Oppression can also protect you from Reserve action while adding 3 PS as well. Oppression can also be recurred by Susumu Issei if you ever need it again. The Discipline is nice though and frees up Issei but playing it could see your personality killed by ranged, etc.

Retracing Steps: I like that it has honour, but Alliance Threatened just seems like the better card. You'll always get the absent triggered with Alliance with send home abilities like Oppression, Strategic Withdrawal and Discretionary Valour so you don't have to risk your personalities and you don't have to worry about Courtesy either. (last part is more of a play group concern.)

Word from the Imperial Court: I'd only take Ending the Chase over this if I couldn't find any Words, the honour gain when you use it is in it's favour here. I was about to dismiss this for the same reason as Retracing steps, that our chi is too low to be useful all the time, but then I forgot that we actually have some shenanigans to bump up it's strength and make it useful. Both Susumu Tanjin and Susumu Yanada could really make this hurt without any courage cards in the fate deck (though I bet there are a few cards you can squeeze into it that wouldn't be completely dead). It's probably a bit too clunky but I have no idea if it's worth it or not.

I know that I keep looking at Indifference from Evil Portents (Mainly because I pulled a foil and a playset of it), but I cannot justify it when Block Supply Lines and Desperate Sacrifice exist. I don't think the narrowing of the send home ability is worth it for Duelling protection and the honour keyword.



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