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 Post subject: Thoughts on the FFG Story Direction
PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:36 am 
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In case any of you aren't on the FFG forums, i've been hashing it out with a guy re: kanpeki's fate in the new FFG game, and in doing so it got me thinking a lot about the likelihood of onyx. Perhaps this isn't new analysis but since we're getting close(ish) i thought i'd repost it here.

as i mentioned a couple times before, onyx is empire strikes back, that is to say its the 2nd act. it works if you know what Rokugan looks like, who Daigotsu is and why he's worked so hard to put his son on the throne, and thus why Kanpeki's conquest is a HUGE payoff. after generations in control, the clans suddenly being defeated and having to work to take back Rokugan is meaninful. HOWEVER, if you are a new player, its a terrible jumping on point for rokugan and a terrible introduction to the setting. i mean, GODAWFUL. i think thats a pretty compelling, verging on airtight honestly, argument for why we won't see it as the starting point.

in their promotional materials, they mention the colonies. i'm truthfully not convinced we should take that as gospel, but i think its encouraging when combined with the knowledge that the people making the game are big fans and respect the game's lore. despite what so many have said about the necessity of a reboot, and what you're saying re: retcons, L5R's biggest value is not its mechanics, which are great but not exceptional like the story. i don't see them tossing that away.

lastly, when the game was sold, the AEG guys wanted to release the in design sets, even without art. FFG put the kibosh on it, and when they leaked, as soon as FFG got wind they nuked the leaks. at the time i didn't give too much thought to why they'd care about old card mechanics being in the world, but it occurs to me now that if the cards reflect a story they intend to abandon, that might be a reason for them to not want them out there.

anyway, tl;dr the more we talk about onyx, the less convinced i am that FFG is gonna use it. i think they'll plunder the onyx stuff for non-spider (and likely non-mantis) art, and possibly for the stray idea, but go their own way forward, likely starting at the ascension of Douchweko The Second, if i had to guess.

i'll add that here that i won't be terribly disappointed if this is what happens. i loved the idea of Onyx, but the execution left a lot to be desired and i just can't get too excited about Kanpeki. I'm kind of hoping they timejump, honestly, and we get a new champion and a clean slate.

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 Post subject: Re: Thoughts on the FFG Story Direction
PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:00 pm 
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I'd expect a reboot/retelling of the old story arcs (which I'd be cool with, actually) if it wasn't for the mention of the colonies. If I had to bet, I'd guess there'll be a big (20 to 100 years) time jump that skips Onyx altogether ("some bad guy took over but he eventually lost to the good guys and that was it"). The Spider are no more and the Mantis are still in shambles, maybe even back to minor clan. Dunno, something like that.

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